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Each child is individually supported
Integrative Daycare Centre "Die Stifte"

This credo is especially true at the Stiftstraße daycare centre, which has been an inclusive daycare centre since 2017. This means that we also care for children with special needs.
We currently have free places in the crèche.

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Stiftstraße 69 20099  Hamburg
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Integrative Daycare Centre "Die Stifte"
General Monday to Friday
07:30 to 17:30 h

Free crèche places!

We support children


We support children. We enable children to understand their entire environment. Our approach is therefore to encourage the children in their desire to explore. We encourage children to leave the familiar and try new things. Therefore, an atmosphere of security, caring, appreciation and cheerfulness is important to us, because it forms the basic building block for individual development and social interaction. Each child should feel accepted and feel that he or she and others are an important part of the group. In this way, the children learn to respect the limits of others and their own, and to value similarities and differences.

We give room to the children's self-involvement and independence in various projects and experiments. The children can work on their own topics at any time by providing materials. The children can move freely throughout the facility after consultation and in compliance with rules - established together with them - i.e., among other things, they visit and play in other rooms.

Play is an indispensable part of childhood and the most important way for children to come to terms with themselves and their environment (e.g., role play, construction play, movement and singing play, rule play). Children's experiences take place mainly through play.



For us, inclusion means ...


Belonging and participation for every child in all areas of life. This already starts with the settling in and influences the daily organisation and the variety of offers. We create community in small groups with different rooms and retreat areas. We attach great importance to the balance between rest and activity phases. Through pedagogical exchange in the team, we find ways to enable all children to learn and play without barriers. We also offer occupational therapy, physiotherapy and vision support. Our cooperation partners include the Ergotherapie Praxis Hamburg Mitte, Logopädie Zentral and "Freunde blinder und sehbehinderter Kinder". The trusting cooperation with speech therapists, occupational therapists and physiotherapists enriches our everyday life and expands our competence profile.



Language support is a focus of our work


Themes of language development are: Vocabulary, narrative skills, other languages, cultural diversity. Once a week, a musical language support programme is organised by a speech therapist and a music teacher.



We have your children in sight


Developmental observation and documentation are important in order to support each child in the best possible way. Findings from this are shared at regular intervals in a personal conversation with the parents.



Art education and creativity are part of our everyday life


Particularly noteworthy are the various art education programmes that we regularly organise in our day care centre. In close cooperation with our music and art teachers, we design targeted cultural education programmes such as visits to the Kunsthalle Hamburg and the Kulturladen St.Georg. The aim of these activities is to promote independence and at the same time the community spirit through artistic experience and design.



Nature in the city


In spring, we have our annual garden day together with the parents, which makes our herb and vegetable garden blossom. The garden provides the setting for project work throughout the year. Our long-term goal is to ensure that the outdoor area is wheelchair accessible.



The Kita Bridge Year with us


We also dedicate ourselves intensively to the Kita Bridge Year, our preschool children deal with special projects several times a week. The main theme for us is "My world and I", which includes the topics:

  • How and where do I live? Who am I?
  • Who belongs to my family?
  • How do people live in other parts of the world (get to know other countries)?

The topics are accompanied by visits to museums, theatres or cinemas. Together with a museum educator and the preschool group of the neighbouring "Campus Kinder", we regularly visit the Kunsthalle, learn about different works of art, and the children can try out different painting techniques. Before they leave for school, the children can look forward to an overnight stay at the daycare centre or a trip.


Daycare centre audit procedure


Our day care centre was successfully audited by the day care centre audit procedure. Aspects of the services offered, the opening hours as well as the provision and qualification of staff were among the subjects of the audit. In addition, there were audit points such as cooperation with parents and primary schools, education and language support, nutrition and health care, support for children with disabilities, further training, quality development and accounting aspects. The basis of the daycare centre audit procedure is the regulations of the state framework agreement.


Förderverein (Sponsoring association)


Would you like to become active as a parent yourself? With the support of the "Verein der Freunde & Förderer des Studierendenwerks Hamburg e.V." (Association of Friends and Sponsors of the Studierendenwerk Hamburg), you can make a significant contribution to optimising childcare at your daycare centre. You can find more information here.



Overview daycare centres

You can get an overview of all daycare centres in our daycare centre flyer and in more detail in our brochure "Unsere Kitas".


We look forward to welcoming your child!

Registration and counselling is handled by the daycare centre management. Visits and advice by appointment.

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Your way to the day care centre

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We are happy to help you

We are happy to help you

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