Working during your studies
Working and social security

Your study status (full-time, part-time, leave of absence), the amount of income from dependent employment and self-employment, the number of hours you work per week during or outside of lecture periods, and the duration of your employment all play a role in determining the extent to which health, nursing care, unemployment, and pension insurance contributions are due or taxes must be paid. There are exceptions to the minimum wage.

Extensive information on working while studying can be found on the websites of Deutsches Studentenwerk and the DGB-Jugend.

As an international student from a non-EU country with a permit according to § 16b of the Residence Act, you must also observe further rules, which are described in this brochure of the Ministry of the Interior and Sports. Generally, you are only allowed to work up to 120 days or 240 half days per calendar year. You can also have a on-campus job at the university for an unlimited period of time. The work performed as part of the ConAction project is also considered part-time student employment which is not counted towards your allowed working days. Permission from the Foreigners' Registration Office is required before taking up self-employment.

You can get advice on this in the Counselling Centre Social & International Affairs - BeSI.