Project week at the Kita Hallerstraße

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04. July 2022

Project week at the Kita Hallerstraße

04. July 2022

In order to make the 100th birthday of the Studierendenwerk a tangible experience for the children in the day-care centre, we decided on a project week on the topic. Each group created very different activities that dealt with the topic of "life 100 years ago" and the "number 100".

In the preschool, for example, they looked at toys from earlier times and noticed many a difference from today.

The quantity "100" was also made visible in a playful way and caused quite a few astonishment. Among other things, 100 origami birds were folded, which now decorate a group room.

A special highlight of the week was the "100 years" cake, which made the children's eyes light up.

Little by little, the whole day care centre became a growing museum. Some parents report that their children now recognise the number "100" everywhere in everyday life.


News created on  04.07.2022