Renovation work at the Kita Hallerstraße

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29. August 2022

Renovation work at the Kita Hallerstraße

29. August 2022

We used the summer closing time to carry out extensive renovation work in the day care centre. New linoleum floors were laid in the group rooms. For the flooring work, the rooms first had to be completely emptied and then put away again. 
To make the day care centre even safer, a new, larger skylight was installed in the roof, which opens automatically in case of fire. Due to the work on the roof, it was necessary to completely scaffold the day care centre above the staircase up to the roof.
We also took care of the visual appearance: The children's restaurant and the bathroom of the elementary children have been repainted and the latter now resembles a beautiful seascape.  
Thanks to the whole team and all the helpers for their great work!

News created on  29.08.2022