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Cast off for the start of professional life

It's not easy to decide on a training program and a company. So take a look at what the Studierendenwerk has to offer, whether we suit you and whether you want to go on a great journey with us.

We are colorful and special! That's why you can learn a lot and become a lot at Studierendenwerk in the following apprenticeships:


We are currently looking for:

Why us?

We've been training people since 1983 and making you fit for the future. We have built up our expertise in training

  •  through our trainers
  •  our training manager, who is responsible for the coordination & administration of dual training and drives forward the strategic development of dual training & represents us in educational policy committees
  • our personnel development department, which supports our trainees with customized and tailor-made further training courses as an extension of their school education
  • our trainee contact persons in the specialist departments and, of course, our specialist staff who supervise and train our trainees on a daily basis.

We are proud of our training and our trainees. And rightly so! Our trainee Mustafa Karaaslan was in the final round for Trainee of the Year. What he himself says about his apprenticeship at Studierendenwerk, you can see here in the video.

What else do we offer you?

In the past, it was called "apprenticeship pay", today you get a training allowance

      1st year of training € 1.068,26 gross/monthly
      2nd year of training € 1.118,20 gross/monthly
      3rd year of training € 1.164,02 gross/monthly

Those who work also need rest

At our company, trainees also get 30 working days of vacation per year. And if you do a gastronomic apprenticeship with us, you even have weekends and holidays off.

Learning requires brains, but also money

We offer a learning material allowance of € 50.00 gross in each year of training.

Think about later now!

We support you with a subsidy for capital-forming benefits. And if you stay with our team after your apprenticeship, we will jointly pay into the pot for a company pension.

A rolling stone gathers no moss! Staying fit is the name of the game

Not only do we work together, we also "exercise" together. You can keep moving by participating in company sports or university sports programs. As a team member of the Studierendenwerk, you can stay fit for less at many fitness clubs in Hamburg. And on the joint trainee sports day, you can get a taste of many different sports.

We love our environment! Do you?

Then you can travel safely by bus and train. We support that! You get the HVV bonus ticket for the low price of 30,00 €, because we give you a subsidy on top! Who still wants to drive a car?

A full belly does not like to study!

But neither does an empty one! That's why our cafeterias and cafés serve delicious food for our customers, the students. And you as a "Studierendenwerkler" can also eat in the dining halls at a reasonable price as part of the student meal plan. And of course we are fully in line with the trend - if meat is not your vegetable, then there are also vegetarian and vegan options for you.    

The Studierendenwerk is colorful and diverse!

From educators to dining hall cooks, counselors to house managers, our crew is colorful, diverse, personable and international. Respecting different nationalities and cultures is a matter of course for us. And so that you can get to know and appreciate other cultures up close and on site, we promote and support internships abroad.

Develop yourself with us!

If you need help during your apprenticeship, we will see what kind of support we can provide. And, of course, we want to help you develop - even beyond the training goals - and accompany you with training courses and seminars that are tailored to your needs.

A warm welcome

To help you get started in your career and with us at Studierendenwerk, you and your "trainee colleagues" will begin with an introductory and orientation week. At the TalkWalk, you'll get an impression of all the things we do and what great corporate tasks we have. And so that you know how important you are to us, our managing director will welcome you personally at a reception.

What opportunities do you have after the training?

With a completed vocational training, you have good chances on the job market. And there are also chances of being taken on at the Studierendenwerk if you show commitment during your training? 

What options are there to shorten the training?

Of course, the training can be shortened if, for example, you have completed higher commercial school or have a high school diploma. It is also possible to shorten your training after it has started if you can expect to achieve the training objective in the shortened time - in other words, if you are a "fixe Dutt", as they say in Hamburg.

How can you apply?

The apprenticeships always start on August 1. If you want to join us and start your professional life, please send us your application by November 30 of each year for the following year. Apply by email with the most important documents in a pdf file (max. 10 MB) at Bewerbung@studierendenwerk-hamburg.de.

"Na denn man tau" - These are our application tips:

Schritt 1

Before you weigh anchor and set sail - preparation is everything

  • Find out about apprenticeships
  • Find out about the student union
  • Find out about the training requirements
  • Find out when and how to apply for an apprenticeship

Step 2

Before you can hire, comes the application

What is a good application?

  • Cover letter
  • Resume
  • Testimonials

Step 3

And then?

  • Examination of the documents
  • Selection interview
  • Let`s go!

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our contact person

Bastian Rüter
Personnel Management Department/Training

Please send applications/initiatives to: ausbildung@stwhh.de

General enquiries please contact: bastian.rueter@stwhh.de


+49 / 40 / 41 902 - 327

Von-Melle-Park 2
20146 Hamburg

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