Family Service
Family and studies under one roof

The compatibility of family and studies or family and career of students and university employees is particularly close to our hearts. Students with children, for example, manage the balancing act between child, lecture hall and job.

The Studierendenwerk is committed, for example, by providing family-friendly housing, the Georg Panzram book allowance (Panzram-Büchergeld) for single students with children, the provision of childcare places and a comprehensive range of consultancy services.

Family Service

Family Service

How many children are in a group?

The daycare centres of the Studierendenwerk work in core groups with cross-group offers. The group sizes are based on the requirements of the city of Hamburg.

How many educational professionals are in charge of the group?

In the day nursery (“Krippe”), at least three trained pedagogical professionals are responsible for one group. In the elementary sector (“Elementarbereich”), there are at least two educational specialists per group. The aim is to support the groups with additional interns, day care centre helpers or federal volunteers.

What Corona hygiene and action plan is in place in the Studierendenwerk daycare centres?

Since 07.06.2021, daycare centres in Hamburg have once again been operating according to the rules. This continues to take place in compliance with the hygiene and protective measures that are intended to help contain the Corona pandemic.

The most important hygiene and protective measures in our daycare centres at a glance:

  1. Weekly meetings of the Studierendenwerk management together with the pandemic officer, the safety officer and the company doctor on the current Corona situation.
  2. Weekly meetings of the daycare centre managers with the responsible body on the current situation in the daycare centres and coordination of concrete adaptation and implementation steps
  3. Regular adaptation of the hygiene concept to the binding recommendations for action of the social authorities
  4. Regular and situational exchange with the Paritätischer Wohlfahrtsverband (umbrella organisation), the advisory service of the social authorities and the occupational safety specialist
  5. Instruction of pedagogical and housekeeping staff in Corona protection measures
  6. Limited and comprehensible care across groups
  7. For the staff: medical mouth/nose covering in traffic and communal areas, and depending on the infection situation, also in the groups.
  8. Mandatory masks for parents, craftsmen, guests,...
  9. Where organisationally possible, reception of children exclusively outside the day care centre/entrance door by staff.
  10.  Regular disinfection
  11.  Increased outdoor activities in the fresh air
  12.  Regular airing
  13.  Pedagogical measures depending on the age of the children (discussing and practising hygiene rules and  hand hygiene with children, explaining backgrounds)
  14.  Testing of staff one to three times depending on vaccination status  
  15.  Recommendation and advice on Corona vaccination by our company doctor
  16.  Recommendation and distribution of rapid test to parents of children over 3
  17.  CO2 measurements are carried out in all daycare centres of the STW with the aim of optimising ventilation measures and defining rooms in which we want to improve the CO2 content by means of mobile room air units, if necessary.

Despite all precautionary measures, the number of infections on the rise may also lead to restricted regular operations in Hamburg. However, a renewed day-care centre closure with emergency care is currently ruled out.

You can find a regularly updated overview of the Land regulations on daycare in the SFS Infoportal.

On 6 September 2021, the Conference of Health Ministers agreed on new quarantine rules for children in schools and daycare centres: In order to ensure child care, as few contact persons as possible should be quarantined in future if a child is infected. Quarantine should end after five days with a negative test. The decision is considered a recommendation for the local health authorities. The assessment of the situation and related measures are up to the local authorities and cannot be determined or overruled by the day-care provider.



How do I know if the day care centre has a free place?

If we have free places, we will inform you here on our website. Otherwise, each day care centre management will be happy to provide information about the current and future space situation.

Is there a waiting list?

There is an overarching waiting list for all facilities, which is used to fill additional places.

How are the daycare centre fees calculated?

The daycare centres of the Studierendenwerk charge according to the day-care voucher system. Care times that exceed the voucher can be purchased in addition.

Does the daycare centre have fixed closing times?

Yes. All Kitas - with the exception of the “Kita UKE” - close for 3 weeks between Christmas and New Year and during the summer holidays. Emergency holiday care is offered during the summer closure period. In addition, three study days take place each year on which the Kita is closed. The dates for these are announced at the beginning of the Kita year.

What do the children get to eat?

A healthy and varied diet is important to us. Our five day-care centres receive their food from an external caterer who focuses on quality and sustainability. We attach great importance to organic and wholefoods and see the educational component of nutrition in addition to the physiological aspects. It is important to us that the meals take place in a calm and pleasant atmosphere. Children with special eating habits are also taken into accoun


Should the children bring breakfast?

The children receive a freshly prepared breakfast every morning, as well as fruit and vegetables throughout the day. A fee is charged for this.

Do the children sleep in the nursery?

In all facilities there is the possibility to let a tired child rest. Each facility has provided niches, corners and other retreats for this purpose in the room concept. In the crèche groups, there is a regular nap time.

Can the children play outside?

All groups go out into the fresh air with the children as much as possible. Each of the day-care centres has an outdoor area.

Do the daycare centres offer pre-school programmes/daycare bridge year?

All daycare centres of the Studierendenwerk Hamburg have declared themselves in favour of the Kita-Brückenjahr (former pre-school in the daycare centre). The future school children are prepared for the upcoming school years in regular programmes. Our main focus is on the further development of social, technical and learning skills.

Can I have my child looked after in Hamburg, even if the place of residence is outside?

If parents work in Hamburg but do not live in Hamburg, it is still possible to have the child looked after in a Hamburg day care centre.

The municipality in which the parents live decides on the cost subsidy according to the regulations applicable there. As a rule, however, the surrounding municipalities do not grant such a far-reaching legal entitlement to day care as in Hamburg.

I have a child of nursery age. This semester I am looking for regular weekly childcare in the evenings.

The campus playgroup "Casper" on the university campus is designed for precisely this situation. Here, on weekdays from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m., the children of students and university employees are looked after by a pedagogical specialist in the rooms of the Kita KinderCampus.

How many hours can I book in the flexible care?

This is variable depending on the care offered, but a minimum of 2 hours per week is provided.

What does flexible care cost?

Here, too, there are differences depending on the offer and the time frame. You can find more information on the flexible childcare options at this hier.

Is it possible to visit the rooms of the flexible care?

Generally yes. For all offers a viewing is possible after prior appointment


Is there a settling-in period and how much time do I have to allow for it?

Children who are cared for on an irregular basis for a short period of time have to go through an individual settling-in period, as it has been proven that they need longer to settle in than children who are cared for on a regular basis for the whole day. In order to be able to build up a stable relationship with the caregiver, a settling-in period of at least 1-2 weeks is usually recommended. During this time, the children should first explore the facility together with their parents before the parents take a back seat as contact persons.


Can I book flexible care at short notice?

Yes, a short-term booking is possible. All that is required is sufficient advance notice to draw up the childcare contract, clarify all formalities and an individual settling-in plan.

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