Services for students with chronic illness/disability/impairment.

The Counselling Centre for Social & International Affairs – BeSI of the Studierendenwerk Hamburg supports students and prospective students with chronic illness or disability in claiming specific benefits and compensation schemes. We often advise on ways of organizing studies (e.g. reduction of workload, interruption of studies, re-entry) in connection with financial security through social benefits, benefits as well as financing of personal and technical support in studies and everyday life.

Individual counseling takes place in a protected and confidential setting. Anonymous counseling is possible. The counselors are bound to secrecy. The counseling is free of charge. On request and by appointment, interpreters, handwriting mediators or other communication aids can be used during discussions.

Information on funding sources for students with chronic illnesses/disabilities can be found here.


Compensation for disadvantages for students with chronic illness/disability/impairment

The BAföG provides some regulations for students with disabilities and chronic illness to compensate for disability-specific disadvantages:

  • Additional hardship allowance in the income calculation of parents/spouse.
  • Additional property allowance for students
  • Subsidies beyond the maximum subsidy period
  • Consideration of a disability in loan repayment
  • Change of subject for an unavoidable reason following the occurrence of a disability or chronic illness during studies
  • Exceeding the age limit at the start of studies.

You can find more information about this in the Handbook Study and Disability from the Information and Counseling Center Study and Disability at the German Student Union, Chapter VII: Financing your livelihood, BAföG: Benefits and Compensation for Disadvantages.

We inform: 
Copies are also available to take home at the Counselling Centre for Social & International Affairs – BeSI. We would also like to draw your attention to the information sheets of the Studierendenwerk Hamburg on our BAföG page, in particular on "proof of performance", on "exceeding the maximum period of support", on "change of subject" and on "support after exceeding the age limit".

Study assistance to attend a university according to the Social Security Code
Ninth Book (SGB IX)

Within the framework of integration assistance according to SGB IX, students with disabilities can be granted benefits for disability-related study-related additional needs for attending a university (e.g. sign language interpreters, study assistants, travel expenses), which are not included in the general education support according to the Federal Education Assistance Act (BAföG).

Conditions and further information:
Prerequisite is that there is no other priority cost bearer. Responsible for the application and approval in the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg is the "Fachamt Eingliederungshilfe.. More detailed information can be found  in the BAGüS-Hochschulempfehlungen and  in the "Study Assistance for Disabled Persons at Universities" instruction issued by the Hamburg Ministry of Social Affairs, Family, Health and Consumer Protection.

The counselling centre Sehen|Hören|Bewegen|Sprechen (Seeing|Hearing|Moving|Speaking) advises among other things on study aids and performs expert tasks for the social welfare agency (primarily for benefits of the integration assistance).

for students with chronic illness/disability

For more information and appropriate links to scholarships for students with chronic illness/disability/impairment, see our scholarship list.

Residential facilities for students with chronic illness/disability/impairment.

    A total of 55 places for disabled students have been set up in seven Studierendenwerk housing complexes. If the available places are not sufficient, the Studierendenwerk is willing to carry out the necessary conversion and extension measures within the framework of the available funds. Information about all the houses can be obtained at:

    040 / 41902-268

    by e-mail


    Grindelallee 76 , 20146 Hamburg-Eimsbüttel (Rotherbaum),
    Four handicapped accessible single apartments with kitchen and shower bath; three handicapped accessible rooms with shower/WC.

    Kaemmererufer 13 - 16, 22303 Hamburg-Nord (Barmbek)
    Six handicapped-accessible single rooms (wheelchair accessible) and four handicapped-accessible places each in two-person apartments.

    Stellbrinkweg 18-30, 21035 Hamburg
    Two handicapped accessible places (each in an apartment of four)

    Moorstraße 15, 21073 Hamburg-Harburg (Harburg)
    Six handicapped accessible single rooms (wheelchair accessible) with own sanitary facilities and shared kitchen in two apartments of three.

    Berliner Tor 3, 20099 Hamburg-Mitte (St. Georg)
    18 handicapped-accessible rooms, six of them in two-person apartments and twelve rooms suitable for the deaf in four-person shared apartments.

    Triftstraße 102, 21075 Hamburg (Harburg)

      One handicapped-accessible apartment for two and one handicapped-accessible apartment for three on the first floor.

      Hammerbrookstraße 42 a/b, 20097 Hamburg (Germany)
      Three wheelchair-accessible apartments

      Sophie-Schoop-Weg 2 and 30
      Four wheelchair accessible apartments


      What are the social security entitlements of students from EU, EEA and Swiss countries or from third countries?


      More information on this can be found by students with disabilities and chronic illnesses from EU, EEA and Swiss countries as well as students from third countries on the page "Students from abroad".