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Sustainability at the Studierendenwerk

The understanding of sustainability is based on the three pillars of the Studierendenwerk: ecology, economy and social issues. Climate, resource and environmental protection are particularly important in the ecological dimension. Through conscious action, Studierendenwerk Hamburg contributes to CO2 reduction and strives towards the goal of climate neutrality.

In the area of Gastronomy, sustainability is achieved through the successive expansion of sustainable food and beverage offerings, for example through organic goods, regional product diversity, reusable dishes and meat reduction - including a purely vegetarian-vegan cafeteria.

In the area of accommodation, the company acts in an environmentally conscious and resource-saving manner through energy-efficient renovations and new buildings according to passive house standards. Sharing concepts and planting campaigns complement sustainable community life, as does the use of 100 per cent green electricity, water-saving fittings and sustainable furniture.

The report Nachhaltigkeit und Soziale Verantwortung 2021/2022 (Sustainability and Social Responsibility Report, only in German) provides a comprehensive insight into the Studierendenwerk's sustainability strategy and the systematically integrated measures for climate and resource protection in all service areas. It specifies concrete goals and plans for a sustainable future - for people and the environment.

New Studi-Box: Exchange box for more sustainability on the Von-Melle-Park campus

The Studi-Box is a project of the trainees of the Studierendenwerk and aims to encourage sustainable actions. The exchange box is intended to offer everyone on campus the opportunity to exchange items and thus buy fewer new ones.The Studi-Box is freely accessible, the principle simple: anyone who no longer needs well-preserved books, clothing, games, decorative items, etc. can place them in the exchange box. In return, existing items can be taken away.

Here is our press release on the opening of the exchange box (only in German).

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