Further topic-specific consulting services
Further topic-specific consulting services

Further topic-specific consulting services
Further topic-specific consulting services

shift guide for students who doubt their studies and drop out

Dropped out of studies - and then?

Many students are thinking about dropping out of their studies or have already done so. But what comes next? The shift guide supports students who have doubts about their studies and those who have dropped out in their decision-making process. 

Consumer advice

Competent and provider-independent support

The consumer advice center Hamburg  offers information, advice, lectures and seminars as well as publications on (almost) all topics that affect consumers, e.g. also consumer tips for young people (in German).  

Legal advice 

Advice even for low income

The Öffentliche Rechtsauskunft- und Vergleichstelle Hamburg (ÖRA) offers legal advice, dispute resolution and mediation for low-income Hamburg residents.

Online guidance and counseling in situations of emotional stress (OBEON)

For people in stressful mental situations, with mental illnesses and their relatives and loved ones: guidance and advice online via instant chat, open and direct email inquiries, as well as text chat and video advice by appointment at https://www.obeon.de/

Pastoral care

Always a sympathetic ear

Patient Counselling

For health concerns

The Patient Advisory Service Hamburg offers advice on all health care issues, e.g. finding a doctor, special treatments, doctors' offices with foreign language skills.

Studying and caring for relatives

When am I considered a "carer"? When should I look for relief? This compilation by CHE - Centrum für Hochschulentwicklung gGmbH in cooperation with Familie in der Hochschule e.V. provides initial answers as well as information and counselling options (in German).

Relatives of mentally ill people can find help, for example,