Quality assurance
Quality is the key

Before the finished meal lands on your plate, it goes through many process steps that are standardized and carefully checked. From the procurement of raw materials to production and friendly serving, we constantly put ourselves to the test both internally and externally - so that we can offer you the best possible quality every day.

Our hygiene standards
For your safety

We are one of the major caterers in Hamburg. Here, the responsibility is great.

That is why strict hygiene standards are a matter of course for us and are our top priority. Our hygiene management system covers all steps from the delivery of goods to serving. All relevant steps are documented and samples of the food are taken daily. Thus our procedure is transparent and comprehensible. Our employees receive regular training. In addition to the legally required inspections, we are regularly inspected by an external hygiene institute.

Our quality standards
You can rely on it

All goods are sourced by us from selected certified suppliers with whom we have been working reliably for decades in some cases. If possible, we prefer to source the goods regionally, and regular, almost daily deliveries guarantee the greatest possible freshness. The foodstuffs we use are subjected to strict quality guidelines. We pay particular attention to the relevant aspects of sustainability. We use only GMO-free products, free-range or barn-raised eggs, and organic and Fairtrade-quality coffee and tea. We also aim to avoid declarable ingredients and lots of packaging as much as possible.

We are really creative - our chefs keep an eye on you and the current trends to get new inspiration for the menu. The menu is regularly revised according to the season, among other things. We are especially pleased that the vegetarian and vegan dishes that we develop are so well received by you.

The production of the dishes and the offer is based on fixed recipes to ensure that it always tastes the same, the portions are the same size everywhere and there is the same price everywhere. In order to guarantee great quality and to produce little surplus, we cook for you as promptly as possible and always fresh. Preparation that preserves vitamins and nutrients is especially important to us. All this is regularly checked by our operations managers in internal audits.

A kind word for you and an open friendly atmosphere for your rest is important to us. That's why we ensure a good atmosphere in our on-site teams and also regularly train our employees. And if you don't like it - your feedback is gold for us. Just contact the staff on site or send us an e-mail.

Know what's inside
Our symbols and marks

We want to be as transparent as possible. For your information, we use various symbols and labels on our food publications. Unfortunately, we cannot avoid so-called cross-contamination, i.e. during the production of the offer, ingredients that we label may unintentionally get into the dishes and be present there in traces.

Indicator for dishes containing beef and beef products.

Indicator for dishes containing pork or pork products.

Indicator for dishes containing poultry and poultry products.

Indicator for dishes containing game and game products.

Indicates dishes that are prepared in a particularly vitamin-preserving and low-fat way - with natural ingredients without flavor enhancers.

Indicates dishes that contain gelatine.



Indicator for dishes that contain alcohol.

Indicator for dishes containing lamb and lamb products.

Indicator for dishes containing seafood, such as fish, crustaceans or shellfish and their products.

Does not contain foods containing lactose
Indicator for dishes that do not contain lactose.

New dish
Indicator of a new dish offered in the cafeteria.

Favorite dish
Indicator for dishes that are offered at your request or are a specialty of the cafeteria chefs.


Indicator for vegetarian dishes (ovo-lacto-vegetarian dishes). These dishes do not contain meat, fish (seafood included), other animal products (slaughter fat, meat broth). Dairy products (cheese, yogurt, butter, cream) and eggs or egg ingredients are considered vegetarian.

Indicator for vegan dishes. These dishes are purely vegetable and do not contain any animal products. Besides the mentioned ingredients for a vegetarian dish, a vegan dish does not contain milk and dairy products (butter, cheese, cream, curd), egg and egg ingredients, honey, beeswax. In addition, no animal excipients have been used to produce the food (e.g. gelatin for clarification).

Allergens and additives
Numbers and abbreviations

You are allergic and want to eat with us? For your information we mark the most common allergens and the most important additives. For better distinction we mark the allergens with letter abbreviations and the additives with numbers. Here you will find a corresponding explanation of the numbers and abbreviations:

1 Colorants
2 Preservatives 
3 antioxidants
4 flavor enhancer
5 Sulphurized
6 Blackened
7 Waxed
8 Phosphate
9 Sweetener
10 Phenylalanine source

Egg Egg and egg products
En Peanuts and peanut products 
Fi Fish and fish products 
Gl contains cereals containing gluten (e.g. wheat, rye, barley, etc.)
Kr Crustaceans and crustacean products 
La Milk and milk products (incl. lactose) 
Lu Lupine and lupine products
Nu Nuts (e.g. almond, hazelnut, walnut etc.)/products
Se Sesame seeds and sesame seed products 
Sf Mustard and mustard products 
Sl Celery and celery products 
So Soy and soy products 
Sw Sulfur dioxide and sulfites (concentration above 10mg/kg or 10mg/l) 
Wt Molluscs (e.g. mussels and snails) and mollusc products

Cross-contamination of individual ingredients and technologically unavoidable contamination of individual products with allergens cannot be ruled out and are not labeled.