Daycare centres digital
Our offers for at home

The Corona pandemic presented us all with new challenges, including our daycare centers, daycare children and educators.

Since it was sometimes no longer possible to meet in person at the daycare centers, the daycare centers came up with lots of offers that brought the daycare home to the children's room.

On this page you will find links to great videos, craft tips, coloring pages and more. 

Website with videos
of Kita KinderCampus

Our Kita KinderCampus was busy filming during the Corona closure. The great results with songs, stories and craft tips can be seen at Videos from our Daycare Centre "KinderCampus": STW Hamburg!

Videos of our music teacher
from the Kita Hallerstrasse

Our music teacher from the Hallerstraße day care centre has put together a great selection of videos so that you don't have to miss out on music and singing at home. Have fun watching!


Offers and suggestions for the home
So there is no boredom

Whether it's reading aloud every day, cooking together or using the digital services of the Hamburger Bücherhallen. We have put together a series of suggestions and tips for the home. Have fun browsing through them and trying them out!