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The Rahlstedt residential complex offers affordable and spacious living space on 3 floors in a quiet location. Here you are connected to Hamburg's city center by bus and train, but you are also close to the nature reserves Stellmoorer Tunneltal and Höltigbaum. There are numerous recreational opportunities in the housing complex: There is a sports room, a bar, painting and drawing rooms - but most of all: lots of opportunities to let yourself go! Do you have an idea to fill one of the free rooms with life? Maybe you want to open a photo lab or start a pottery workshop? Or would you like to have your own studio? Then you can ask the House Manager for free rooms!

Rooms, kitchens and bathrooms have been completely renovated in 2021/2022 and fitted with modern equipment, and the building and network technology has been brought up to the latest standards.

Your room is already equipped with furniture, Internet, water, electricity und heating you do not have to worry about. Reasonable all-inclusive rent without additional costs! Your room in a shared flat is a cozy place. House managers and tutors are on site as contact persons. Quietly located, well connected and perfect for you to develop - the Studierendenhaus Rahlstedt offers you all this.

The residential complex offers space for 138 students and trainees.

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Sieker Landstraße 37 22143  Hamburg

General offer

Fitness / Sport
Leisure / Sport opportunities
Bar / Common room
Music room
Learning space
Car parking space for rent


Your all-inclusive rent of 348 € - 398 € (monthly) includes all utilities (water, electricity, heating), internet, stairwell cleaning, on-site service (house manager, welcome tutors) as well as many leisure activities.

Normal sized room, approx. 11  15 m² - furnished: 348 € monthly

Medium sized room, approx. 16  18 m² - furnished: 376 € monthly

Large room, approx. 19 - 22 m²  furnished: 398 € monthly



The Rahlstedt residential complex is located in the Rahlstedt district of the same name and is thus close to nature in the northeast of Hamburg. An outdoor pool and a swimming pool are located in the same district, and the nature reserves Stellmoorer Tunneltal and Höltigbaum are also not far away! In 10 minutes you can cycle to the miniature golf and if you want to do more sports, you will find the possibility in the nearby fitness studios. Several supermarkets, a kiosk and a bakery can be reached in a few minutes. At the nearby Rahlstedt train station, you can also shop extensively at the Rahlstedt-Center. If you want to live in a prime location close to nature and at a reasonable price, Rahlstedt is the perfect choice! It is ideal for students and trainees who appreciate a quiet location but still don't want to miss the connection to down town.

HAW (Bergedorf)
75 min. with HVV

HAW (Berliner Tor)
40 min. with HVV
50 min. by bike

Uni HH (Dammtor)
45 min. with HVV
65 min. by bike


45 min. with HVV
60 min. by bike

Schanze / Reeperbahn
50 min. with HVV

Central station
32 min. with HVV
66 min. by bike

Savings bank
20 min. by foot

15 min. by foot

9 min. by foot

3 min. zu Fuß

Shopping Center
4 min. with HVV

Nature reserve
15 min. by foot

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We are happy to help you

Markus Mausolff
House Manager

+49 / 40 / 41902-7-860-0

Office hours
Mon - Fri: 9 a.m. - 11 a.m.
Wed: 3 p.m. - 4 p.m.

Simon Tok
Housing Clerk
+49 / 40 / 41 902 - 264

Grindelallee 9

Ketan Pankey
Tutor Rahlstedt


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Electrical engineering