Semesterticket refund
Is that possible?

At many universities in Hamburg, you automatically receive a semesterticket as part of your semester fee. With this semester ticket, you can travel throughout Hamburg for one semester at a low all-inclusive price.
If you are unable to use the ticket - e.g. because you are studying abroad or doing an internship abroad - you have the option of applying for a refund of the semester ticket fee.
The Studierendenwerk Hamburg is responsible for the refund applications of the following universities:
University of Hamburg, Hamburg University of Applied Sciences, Hamburg University of Technology, HafenCity University, Hamburg University of Fine Arts, Hamburg University of Music and Theatre and the Protestant University of Applied Sciences for Social Work and Diakonie. If you have any questions, please contact us here.



Refund criteria
Health, local, spatial or social reasons

Reimbursement is only possible if you cannot reasonably be expected to use the HVV for health, local, spatial or social reasons.

Health reasons

Health reasons means that the use of public transport is not possible due to an illness of more than three months or due to a disability.

Local reasons

Local reasons are given if you stay outside the area covered by the HVV for more than three months in the semester of application for study-related reasons (e.g. internship or study abroad).

Spatial reasons

In case of spatial reasons, you live outside the HVV area and travel to your place of study by Deutsche Bahn or comparable public transport and do not use the HVV additionally for a fee. However, it is also possible that you live so close to your place of study (up to 2 km from your home) that you travel on foot or by bicycle and do not use the HVV. Or you live within the HVV fringe area and would demonstrably need more than two hours to get from your home to your place of study.

Social reasons

A refund on social grounds is to be recognized above all if you can credibly show that you have laid out your entire financial planning without travel costs because the journey to the place of study is made by bicycle or on foot, although the distance is more than 2 km each way. A claim for refund is to be recognized in these cases if you receive benefits according to the Federal Training Assistance Act (BAföG), current assistance for living expenses according to the 12th Book of the Social Code (SGB XII) or benefits to secure living expenses according to SGB II (unemployment benefit II) or if the financial means available to you (income, assets, alimony payments, etc.) after deduction of housing costs (warm rent plus energy costs), child allowances according to §23(1) sentence 1 no. 3 BAföG and health and nursing care insurance are below the standard social welfare rate for single persons and heads of household in Hamburg. In particularly justified cases of hardship, exceptions may be permitted after consultation with the ASten.


Notes on reimbursement and application
When must the application be submitted and how can I submit it?

The request must be submitted per semester. The request for refund must be received by us no later than

for the winter semester by

  • August 31 of the year if you are studying at the University of Applied Sciences (HAW).
  • September 30 of the year if you are studying at the University of Hamburg, the Hamburg University of Technology (TU), HafenCity University Hamburg (HCU) , the University of Fine Arts (HfbK), the University of Music and Drama (HfMT) or the Protestant University of Applied Sciences.

for the summer semester by 

  • February 28 of the year, for students at the University of Applied Sciences (HAW)
  • March 31 of the year , if you are studying at the University of Hamburg, the Hamburg University of Technology (TU), HafenCity University Hamburg (HCU) , the University of Fine Arts (HfbK), the University of Music and Drama (HfMT) or the Evangelische Fachhochschule für 

Please note that you must have submitted the application by the mentioned dates, regardless of your re-registration. You can submit the ticket later if you have not received it by the mentioned dates.
To meet the deadline, you can submit the application to us even if you do not have all the documents yet.

You can apply for a refund online right here in the "Onlineportal zur Semesterticket-Rückerstattung".
If you would like to send it to us in paper form, you can find the PDF for printing here. Please send us the completed form in good time (the date of receipt applies) to:

Studierendenwerk Hamburg
Postfach 13 01 13
20101 Hamburg

If you still need a refund due to exmatriculation of your current HVV semester ticket, please send your refund request with the original semester ticket (for plastic cards, the cancellation certificate of the travel authorisation), a copy of the exmatriculation and your bank details by post to the following address:

S-Bahn Hamburg GmbH
Jan Rohland
Hammerbrookstraße 44
20097 Hamburg