The Germany Semester Ticket

04. March 2024

The Germany Semester Ticket

04. March 2024

The semester ticket will be extended to the Germany Semester Ticket from summer semester 2024.

Payment is still made at the beginning of the semester. Once you have transferred your semester fee, you will receive all the information on how to download your ticket.

Reimbursement via the hardship fund can still be applied for by students with, for example, a severely disabled pass or who are on holiday or on a semester abroad.

What is new:

  • That you can use public transport and regional transport throughout Germany.
  • The semester ticket is cheaper and now only costs €176.40 instead of €181.80.
  • The new ticket is only available digitally, so you will have to identify yourself with your smartphone or similar.
  • The upgrade option will be cancelled automatically from 1 April. So if you have subscribed to the upgrade ticket, you don't need to do anything else. 

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News created on  04.03.2024