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Cafeteria Berliner Tor

The Cafeteria Berliner Tor is located on the first floor in the high-rise building of the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the University of Applied Sciences (HAW). Enjoy the wok dishes or the pasta dish that changes daily.

Happy Hour: From now on, 15 minutes before closing the Food Distribution, all self-service meals are half-price (salad bar, pasta bar, vegetable bar, desserts, soups).

The Mensa Berliner Tor is barrier-free. Tray trolleys are available for wheelchair users.


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Berliner Tor 7 20099  Hamburg
Opening hours
Cafeteria Berliner Tor
General Monday to Thursday
11:15 a.m. to 04:00 p.m.
11:15 a.m. to 03:30 p.m.
Food Distribution Monday to Friday
11:15 a.m. to 02:30 p.m.
11:15 a.m. to 02:00 p.m.
Take away counter "Ofenfrisch" Monday to Thursday
02:30 p.m. to 04:00 p.m.
02:00 p.m. to 03:30 p.m.

General offer

Hot dishes
Salad bar
Vegetable bar
Pasta bar
Chairs for children

Additional info


Cashless payment with the HAW Hamburg chip card, debit or credit card.


Pay at the cash desks in the cafeterias Berliner Tor, Bergedorf and Finkenau as well as in the Café Berliner Tor, the Café Student Affairs in Bergedorf, the Café Finkenau and the Café Alexanderstraße quickly and conveniently with your HAW Hamburg chip card.

The HAW has issued chip cards, so-called Mifare DESfire cards, to its employees in the departments at Berliner Tor, Bergedorf, Finkenau and Alexanderstraße. The cards serve as employee ID, door opener (key) and payment card. In cooperation with the HAW, the Studierendenwerk has introduced the function "Pay with chip card" for students and employees of the HAW at the cash desks of the cafeterias and cafés Berliner Tor, Bergedorf, Finkenau, and Alexanderstraße.

You can get the chip card at the HAW, which is responsible for issuing, personalizing, and swiping the chip cards. You can revalue the card at the chip card revalidators in or in front of the respective cafeterias and at their cash desks. Any remaining credit on the card can be paid out at the respective cash desks. If the chip card is lost or stolen, please report the loss to the HAW. If you approach us with a letter from the HAW, existing credit will be paid out beforehand or transferred to a new card.


Your way to the Cafeteria

Your way to the Cafeteria

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We are happy to help you

Joseph Gavieres
Operations Management

+49 / 40 / 247 994

Frauke Richter
Quality management gastronomy

+49 / 40 / 41902 - 290

Regional, Bio, Fair

Students have not only had an awareness of sustainable development since yesterday. The plant therefore aligns university catering with an intact environment, which is the basis for economic, social and cultural development. Thus, for you, we prefer a mix of organic, fair, species-appropriate and regional food and a conscious supply and production chain.